Dudley’s Nightmare

Our hero huffs and puffs along for a second day. That night, he’s still not close enough to the moon to touch it.

The poor fellow. Listening to the desperation, the anguish in his voice, one can’t help but feel pity for him. Either that, or laugh at his stupidity for trying to reach it by foot. Or both.

It’s a wonderful performance by Dunn and Galatis.

Dudley falls asleep and dreams, and we dissolve into a song-and-dance sequence. In this case, it works perfectly in context. It’s a dream. Dreams can have psychedelic backgrounds and rapid screen cuts and people making faces at the camera. Dudley is behind bars and The Great Mezmra is prancing about, showing off the key. The mood is festive and distressing at the same time, depending on the character’s point of view. Mezmra is gleeful for owning a real live dragon, the last of his kind; Dudley is anguished, facing imprisonment for the rest of his life.

Dudley wakes up, realizes he’s been wasting time sleeping, and off he runs again. He reaches the “southern rain forest”—in less than a day from British Columbia!—and encounters Sammy the Frog’s cousin, Yammi. It’s a surprise appearance by the character, his third on the series.

The Hispanic frog learns why Dudley is there and concludes, “My dragon friend is in very big trouble.” He phones—who else?—Mr. and Mrs. Robin.

But what can they do?

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