The Value of Friends

The Robins learn of Dudley’s plight, not knowing before of his deal with Mezmra. They want to contact Sally, but where could she be? Up in a balloon, of course. With Julia.

Note the size of Sally’s phone. 1997 technology.

This might have been an opportunity for another celebrity guest star. Jackie Burroughs had appeared several times in the first and second seasons as Aggie, an enthusiastic adventurer who traveled the world in her balloon. Burroughs was nominated in the 1994 Gemini Awards for playing Aggie in “High Flying Dragon,” but lost out to Graham Greene for playing Mr. Crabby Tree. However, Burroughs did win a Gemini for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role, for Road to Avonlea—for the third year in a row.

For “The Last Dudley,” perhaps Burroughs wasn’t available, or the show’s budget didn’t allow for another guest. No matter. Sally knew how to fly a balloon. She also had her Everything Bag with her, which contained everything needed for any occasion, even a rescue. Julia said, “I’ve got to get one of those bags.” A recurring series joke.

Dudley’s time has run out. Mezmra cages him, and Dudley learns that there’s no such place as “the other side of the Moon.” The dragon he saw in the moon was just a hypnotic trick. And, as Mezmra points out, he left his friends behind, so they can’t help him. “This is terrible,” Dudley understates.

But with six minutes left in the show, the rescue attempt was but a cut away.

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