Batman: The Animated Interviews

Presenting: A multi-volume history of the cast, crew, and executives involved in the making of Batman: The Animated Series and the spinoffs that became the DC Animated Universe, or DCAU.

Why, and how, was such a groundbreaking series made? Who made it? What did it take to bring Batman to animated life? Not as namby-pamby sanitized kiddie fodder for Saturday morning, but as a heavy-hitting action drama, with high stakes and suspense, and stories aimed at a mature audience. How did it happen, and why does Batman: The Animated Series resonate after 30 years? The answers can be found in this seminal series of books.

Featured are interviews with the executives, producers, directors, writers, character designers, background designers, painters, prop designers, voice actors, and composers responsible for the show. The list includes:

Michael Uslan, owner of the Batman media franchise, brought Batman back to his roots as a dark and sinister vigilante for justice with the 1989 Tim Burton film, Batman.

Margaret Loesch, Fox Kids Network President & CEO/Vice-Chairman, 1990-1998, responsible for bringing Batman: The Animated Series to Fox Kids.

Sidney Iwanter, Fox Kids Network Vice President of Programming, Strategic Development and Acquisitions, 1989-1998.

Jean MacCurdy, Vice-President and General Manager of Warner Bros. Animation, 1998-1991, then President, 1991-2001.

Tom Ruegger, Chief Creative Officer, Warner Bros. Animation, 1989-2001.

Bruce Timm, producer, character designer, director, writer

Eric Radomski, producer, background designer, director

Paul Levitz, editor and publisher, DC Comics

Alan Burnett, producer, story editor, writer

Paul Dini, producer, story editor, writer

Ted Blackman, background supervisor

Gary Montalbano, background stylist

Michael Reaves, story editor, writer

Mitch Brian, writer of the pivotal episodes, “On Leather Wings” and “Bane”

Kevin Altieri, director, storyboard artist

Dan Riba, director, storyboard artist, character designer

John Calmette, background painter

Randy Rogel, writer, producer

Boyd Kirkland, director

Brad Rader, storyboard artist

Shayne Poindexter, vehicle specialist, prop designer

Jon Fisher, vehicle specialist, prop designer

Steven E. Gordon, character designer, storyboard artist

Andrea Romano, voice and casting director

Michael McCuistion, composer

Lolita Ritmanis, composer

Kristopher Carter, composer

And these are in just the first two volumes! More details will be forthcoming when the books near publication.