Batman: The Animated Interviews

Presenting: A multi-volume history of the cast, crew, and executives involved in the making of Batman: The Animated Series and the spinoffs that became the DC Animated Universe, or DCAU.

Why, and how, was such a groundbreaking series made? Who made it? What did it take to bring Batman to animated life? Not as sanitized kiddie fodder for Saturday morning, but as a heavy-hitting action drama, with high stakes and suspense, and stories aimed at a mature audience. How did it happen, and why does Batman: The Animated Series resonate after 30 years? The answers can be found in this seminal series of books.

Featured are interviews with the executives, producers, directors, writers, character designers, background designers, painters, prop designers, voice actors, and composers responsible for the show. The list includes:

Michael Uslan, originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise, brought Batman back to his roots as a dark and sinister vigilante for justice with the 1989 Tim Burton film, Batman.

Margaret Loesch, Fox Kids Network President & CEO/Vice-Chairman, 1990-1998, responsible for bringing Batman: The Animated Series to Fox Kids.

Sidney Iwanter, Fox Kids Network Vice President of Programming, Strategic Development and Acquisitions, 1989-1998.

Jean MacCurdy, Vice-President and General Manager of Warner Bros. Animation, 1998-1991, then President, 1991-2001.

Tom Ruegger, Chief Creative Officer, Warner Bros. Animation, 1989-2001.

Bruce Timm, producer, character designer, director, writer

Eric Radomski, producer, background designer, director

Paul Levitz, editor and publisher, DC Comics

Alan Burnett, producer, story editor, writer

Paul Dini, producer, story editor, writer

Ted Blackman, background supervisor

Gary Montalbano, background stylist

Michael Reaves, story editor, writer

Mitch Brian, writer of the pivotal episodes, “On Leather Wings” and “Bane”

Kevin Altieri, director, storyboard artist

Dan Riba, director, storyboard artist, character designer

John Calmette, background painter

Randy Rogel, writer, producer

Boyd Kirkland, director

Brad Rader, storyboard artist

Shayne Poindexter, vehicle specialist, prop designer

Jon Fisher, vehicle specialist, prop designer

Steven E. Gordon, character designer, storyboard artist

Andrea Romano, voice and casting director

Michael McCuistion, composer

Lolita Ritmanis, composer

Kristopher Carter, composer

And these are in just the first two volumes! More details will be forthcoming as the books near publication.


Here are the contents of each volume:


Batman: The Animated Interviews, Volume One


Batman: The Animated Series, Season One



Robert Greenberger – Foreword




Dawn of the Dark Knight


Michael Uslan – The Man Who Saved Batman

Margaret Loesch and Jean MacCurdy – Batman’s Gatekeepers

Margaret Loesch – The Superheroes’ Hero

Sidney Iwanter – Previously, Before Batman

Jean MacCurdy – Opening the Batcave

Tom Ruegger – Turning on the Bat-Signal

Bruce Timm – Drawn to Batman, by Brian Saner Lamken

Eric Radomski – Knight Vision

Ted Blackman – The Architect of Gotham City

Greg Duffell – The Dark Knight’s First Night

Eric Radomski – Flying the Animated Pilot

Mitch Brian – Launching with Leather Wings

Gary Montalbano – From the Windy City to Gotham

Paul Levitz – The DC Connection

Alan Burnett – Before the Dark Knight

Paul Dini – The Write Way to Batman

Kevin Altieri – Receiving the Bat-Signal

Dan Riba – Answering the Batphone

John Calmette – Painting Gotham City

Randy Rogel – From West Point to Gotham City

Boyd Kirkland – Charging up the Batmobile

Brad Rader – Gearing Up for Gotham Action

Eric Radomski – The Tim Burton Factor

Shayne Poindexter – Designing the Batmobile

Jon Fisher – The ArtCenter Connections

Andrea Romano – Animated Acting

Shirley Walker – Woman of Action, Part One, by Helen San

Michael McCuistion – Inspired by Superman, Scoring Batman

Lolita Ritmanis – Tuning Up for Gotham City

Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, Mike Goguen – Part One: Beginnings, by Londyn Victoria Jackson


Animating the Dark Knight


Jean MacCurdy – Encouraging the Creatives

Tom Ruegger – A Guiding Light for the Dark Knight

Bruce Timm – Cartoon Noir

Eric Radomski – The Master of Dark Deco

Bruce Timm – Inspired by Alex Toth, by Bruce Timm

Alan Burnett – Batman: The Animated Writing Team

Randy Rogel – Diabolical Plots for the Dark Knight

Margaret Loesch – Making Gotham City Great Again

Sidney Iwanter – Networking the Bat

Alan Burnett – Scarring Two-Face, Reforming the Riddler, Reckoning Robin, by Stu Hamilton

Alan Burnett – The Relevance of Robin

Paul Levitz – DC’ing the Animated Bat

Alan Burnett – No Ghosts, No Aliens, No Humanitas Award

Paul Dini – Batman vs. the Censors, Part One

Alan Burnett – Batman vs. the Censors, Part Two

Tom Ruegger – Batman vs. the Censors, Part Three


Sidney Iwanter – Defending Wolverine and the X-Men, by Sidney Iwanter

Eric Radomski – Batman: Pro-Social Engineer or Ruthless Vigilante?

Paul Dini – The Joker’s Keeper

Paul Dini – Revving Up the Harley

Dick Sebast – Conjuring Gotham’s Nightmares, by Stu Hamilton

Kevin Altieri – Directing the Batman and the Man-Bat

Brad Rader – The Story Visualizer

Dan Riba – Directing the Dark Knight

Shayne Poindexter – Propping Dark Deco

Shayne Poindexter – The Wall of Shayne

Ted Blackman – Building a Better Gotham

Gary Montalbano – Bigger Than Expected

John Calmette – Shedding Light on Dark Deco

Eric Radomski – Overseas Animating for the Bat

Shirley Walker – Music for the Dark Knight, by Bob Garcia

Michael McCuistion – Dynamic Music for the Dynamic Duo

Lolita Ritmanis – Crimefighting Composing

Eric Radomski – The Sounds of Gotham City

Eric Radomski – Eye-catching the Audience

Margaret Loesch and Jean MacCurdy – Vindication of the Bat


That’s Not All, Folks! – A preview of upcoming volumes



About the Author




Batman: The Animated Interviews, Volume Two

Batman: The Animated Series, Season Two

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero





Robert Greenberger – Foreword




The Coming of Phantasm


Jean MacCurdy – Batman on the Big Screen, Home Video and Stage

Paul Dini – The Phantasm and Beyond

Eric Radomski – Unmasking the Phantasm

Kevin Altieri – The Audience for Batman

Kevin Altieri – Directing the Phantasm, Part One

Dan Riba – Directing the Phantasm, Part Two

Brad Rader – Staging the Mechanic, the Samurai, the Demon and Phantasm

Jon Fisher – Propping Up Gotham City

Michael Reaves – Word-Processing the Dark Knight, by James Harvey

Mitch Brian – Batman’s Bible and the Art of Being Subversive

Joe R. Lansdale – The Champion Mojo Storyteller

Kristopher Carter – First Gig in Gotham

Lolita Ritmanis – Mask of the Opening Credits

Shirley Walker – The Hidden Homages, Revealed, by Shirley Walker

Shirley Walker – Woman of Action, Part Two, by Helen San


The Chill of Mr. Freeze


Randy Rogel – Thawing Mr. Freeze

Boyd Kirkland – Fun with Machine Guns, by “Spider-Friends,” Stu Hamilton

Steven E. Gordon – Expressions for the Gotham Knights

Bruce Timm, Boyd Kirkland, Randy Rogel, Alan Burnett, Eric Radomski, Shaun McLaughlin – The Fate of Mr. Freeze

Michael McCuistion – The Flair of a Full Orchestra




Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, Mike Goguen – Part Two: Making a Classic, by Londyn Jackson

Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski, Alan Burnett, and Loren Lester – Batman: The Animated Series Turns 21, by Gary Miereanu

Matthew Patterson, Dan W. Ferranti, Alan Burnett, Bruce Timm and Kevin Conroy – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Remastered and Ready for Blu-ray, by Gary Miereanu


Episode Guides


Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Musicians of the DCAU, Part One

Batman: The Complete Animated Series on Blu-ray, 2018


Review Samplers


Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero


Leaving the Batcave


Eric Radomski – From Dark Knight to Demon-Spawn

Boyd Kirkland – Life After Batman: The Animated Series

Ted Blackman – Into the Gilded Age

Mitch Brian – Being a Part of Something Amazing

Margaret Loesch – Life After Fox, Launching New Networks

Sidney Iwanter – Avoiding the Tonnage

Steven E. Gordon – The Longevity of Quality

Kevin Altieri – Bruce Wayne Wouldn’t Do It, by Andrew Pollard

Tom Ruegger – The Legacy of Batman: The Animated Series


That’s Not All, Folks – A preview of Volume Three



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Batman: The Animated Interviews, Volume Three

Superman: The Animated Series (Batman appearances only)

The New Batman Adventures

Gotham Girls

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman and “Chase Me”

Batman and Harley Quinn




Linda Simensky – Dedication

Andrea Romano – Foreword




Gotham Knights: Batman Revised


Jean MacCurdy – Youth-inizing the Bat

Bruce Timm – The Franchise, by Brian Saner Lamken

Paul Dini – The Future of Dark Knights

Shaun McLaughlin – Bridging the Creatives and the Executives

Rich Fogel – Visualizing Capers for Caped Crusaders

Alan Burnett – A Good Time in Gotham, by Stu Hamilton

Stan Berkowitz – Renovating Gotham City, by Stu Hamilton

Bob Goodman – From New York to Gotham by Way of Los Angeles

Paul Dini – Changing Batman, Challenging Superman

Alan Burnett – The New Writers for the DCAU

Stan Berkowitz – Batman’s Animated Live-Action Scribe

Rich Fogel – Writing for the World’s Finest, by James Strecker, Ted Kendrick and Mattie Washburn

Paul Levitz – Trusting Warner Bros. Animation

Mike Carlin – The Man Who Killed Superman

Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, Mike Goguen – Part Three: Revising the Bat, by Londyn Victoria Jackson

Dan Riba – Revamping the Batman Universe

Joe R. Lansdale – Raising Those Crazy Critters

Michael Reaves – Bringing in the Batwoman, by James Harvey

Michael McCuistion – Scoring Superman, the Flash, and Green Lantern

Kristopher Carter – Dark and Brooding vs. Bright and Optimistic

Lolita Ritmanis – Music for Metropolis and Gotham City

Randy Rogel – Batman on Stage, Live!

Alan Burnett – Curtains for the Caped Crusader


Casting Gotham City


Andrea Romano – The Master Voice Director

Kevin Conroy – The Noble Voice

Loren Lester – Animated Sidekick, by Kim Howard Johnson

Diane Pershing – When Serendipity Strikes

Richard Moll – Serious Heavy, by Kyle Counts

Mark Hamill – The Man Who Laughs, by Kim Johnson and Elizabeth Gunderson

Adrienne Barbeau – Purr-fectly Cast, by Andrew Pollard

Tara Strong – Call Her Batgirl—and Harley Quinn, by Andrew Pollard

Arleen Sorkin, Michael Ansara, Roddy McDowall, John Glover, David Warner, Marc Singer, Bill Mumy, Helen Slater, William Sanderson, Joseph Campanella, Clancy Brown, Paul Williams – They Speak for the Rogues!

Arleen Sorkin – The Perfect Cheesy Blonde

Will Friedle – Spilling the Schway Secrets!, by James Strecker and Ted Kendrick


In Memorium: Kevin Conroy


Gary Miereanu – Kevin Conroy, Preeminent Voice of Batman, Passes Away at Age . With comments from Andrea Romano, Mark Hamill and Paul Dini

Alan Burnett, Paul Dini – Kevin Conroy, 1955-2022

Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion – Kevin Conroy: His Legacy Will Live On

Michael Uslan – One of the Finest Role Models Imaginable

Dan Riba – A Kevin Conroy Tribute

Kevin Altieri – For Kevin Conroy … There Will Be No Other

Gonzalo Guastavino – Batman’s Voice


Episode Guides


Superman: The Animated Series

The New Batman Adventures

Gotham Girls

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman and “Chase Me”

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman: The Adventures Continue


Musicians of the DCAU, Part Two


Review Samplers


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman and Harley Quinn


That’s Not All, Folks!


About the Author



Batman: The Animated Interviews, Volume Four

Batman Beyond

The Zeta Project (Future Batman appearances only)

Static Shock (Future Batman appearances only)





Joe R. Lansdale – Foreword




Future Noir


The Dark Knight Done Right—Even Reinvented, by Emru Townsend

Eternal Knight: The Future Turns Dark, by Dennis Fischer

Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Glen Murakami – Designing Batman Beyond,

by Dennis Fischer

Batman Beyond: Influences & Evil, by Dennis Fischer

Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami – On Drawing the Dark Knight, by Emru Townsend

Paul Dini – From Babs and Buster Bunny to Batman, by Emru Townsend

Darwyn Cooke – The Creator of Batman Beyond’s Dynamic

Title Sequence, by Emru Townsend

Darwyn Cooke – The Bat and the Boy Scout, by Markisan Naso

Kristopher Carter – The Future Begins with Creamed Spinach

Batman vs. Age Discrimination

Alan Burnett – Older or Younger: Which Has Greater Appeal?

Bruce Timm – The Future On-Screen, by Brian Saner Lamken

Dave Chlystek – The Batman Beyond Connections

Paul Dini – Bat to the Future

Alan Burnett – Superman, Zeta, and Batman Beyond

Alan Burnett – Superman, Batman, and Batman Beyond

Jean MacCurdy – Meanwhile, at Warner Bros.

Dan Riba – Directing the Future

Stan Berkowitz – Batman’s Future Challenges, by Stu Hamilton

Bob Goodman – Future Batman, Future Man-Machine

Shaun McLaughlin – In Charge of Batman’s Allowance

Dave Chlystek – Storyboarding the Future

Bob Goodman – Batman Goes to High School

Stan Berkowitz – Creating Problems for the Future Batman

Rich Fogel – Making the Future Schway

Rich Fogel – Inspirations for the Tomorrow Knight, by James Strecker, Ted Kendrick and Mattie Washburn

Bruce Timm – Justice for All, by Brian Saner Lamken

Shayne Poindexter – So Many Props, So Little Time

Lolita Ritmanis – Composing the Future

Bruce Timm – Canned Laughter, by Brian Saner Lamken

Bruce Timm, Glen Murakami, Andrea Romano, James Tucker, Bob Goodman, Stan Berkowitz, Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle – Batman Beyond th Anniversary panel, , by Gary Miereanu

Dan Riba – Continuity in the Batman Universe

Paul Levitz – DC Goes Beyond, by Jeffrey Renaud

Mike Carlin – Keeping Batman in the Public Eye


Batman: The Animated Interviews, Volume Five

The Zeta Project

Static Shock (Batman appearances only)

Justice League (Batman appearances only)

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League Unlimited (Batman appearances only)

Batman: Gotham Knight

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five





Jerry Beck – Foreword




Beyond Batman Beyond


Jean MacCurdy – Sunset on Gotham City and Burbank

Paul Dini – Batman and the Write Stuff

Bob Goodman – Creating The Zeta Project

Stan Berkowitz – Batman, Static and Zeta vs. the Focus Groups

Dave Chlystek – Batman’s Static Cling

Rich Fogel – Superman and Batman: Saved by the Cartoon Network!

Linda Simensky – Promoting the Creative Vision

Paul Dini – Reflections, by Archie the WBArchivist

Rich Fogel – Loading the Canon

Shaun McLaughlin – Managing the Watchtower

Dan Riba – Justice League and Beyond

Bruce Timm – Producer’s Choice: Superman or Batman?

Shaun McLaughlin – The Coolest Superhero

Bruce Timm – Writing for Justice League Unlimited, by Bruce Timm

Paul Levitz, Robert Greenberger, Shaun McLaughlin, Dan Riba, Alan Burnett, Bruce Timm, Mike Carlin – Forbidden Heroes

Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, Mike Goguen – Part Four: Justice League, by Londyn Victoria Jackson

Michael McCuistion – Adapting to a Changing World

Kristopher Carter – Composing for the Dramatic and the Comedic

Lolita Ritmanis – Scores for the New Millennium

Bruce Timm – Gotham Anime

Mike Carlin – Justice League and the DC Direct-to-Videos

Eric Radomski – Low Budgets, High Tech

Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, Mike Goguen – Part Five: Leaving the DCAU, by Londyn Victoria Jackson

Alan Burnett – From Super Friends to Justice League Action, by James Strecker and Ted Kendrick

Alan Burnett – Batman Enters the New Millennium

Bruce Timm – Closure for the DCAU and the Fate of Two-Face


Episode Guides


Caped Crusader Crossovers

Justice League

Static Shock

Justice League Unlimited

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five


Musicians of the DCAU, Part Four: Justice League


Review Samplers


Batman: Gotham Knight

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five


Batman: The Animated Legacy


J.J. Sedelmaier – How Batman: The Animated Series Changed Cartoons

Ron Marz, Mark Waid, Jeffrey Veregge, Paul Levitz, Mick Gray, Franco Aureliani, Fred Van Leute, Jim Zub, Brent Schoonover, Art Baltazar, Steve Orlando – Comics Creators Pick Favorite Batman: The Animated Series Episodes, by Dan Greenfield

Robert N. Skir – Being in the Right Place at the Right Time and Saying “Yes” at the Right Opportunities

Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, Mike Goguen – Part Six: Legacy, by Londyn Victoria Jackson

Loren Lester, Kevin Conroy, Andrea Romano, Diane Pershing – What Made Batman: The Animated Series Iconic? Panel, 2018, by Byron Burton

Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Andrea Romano – Batman Beyond Cast Interview, by Gary Miereanu

Andrea Romano – Something Special Forever, by Andrew Pollard

Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, John Glover – Why Batman Resonates 30 Years Later, by Londyn Victoria Jackson

Stan Berkowitz – Classic Dark Deco, Fresh New Takes

Paul Levitz – Luck of the Bat

Lolita Ritmanis – Batman: Animated Music for the Ages

Michael McCuistion – Scoring a Legend

Kristopher Carter – Ending on the Right Note

Shayne Poindexter – End of a Golden Era

John Calmette – Sony, Marvel, and the Batman Legacy

Jon Fisher – A Dream Job

Joe R. Lansdale – An Echo Through the Generations

Paul Dini – Batman’s Lasting Edge, by Andrew Pollard

Alan Burnett – The Best of All Worlds

Eric Radomski – Batman: The Animated Success

Bruce Timm – The Coolest Costume, by Joseph McCabe

Mike Carlin – Double Legacy

Shaun McLaughlin – Let Batman Be Batman

Michael Uslan – Achieving a Dream


The Bat-Signal Shines On

Batman: Caped Crusader press release


Parting Shots

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That’s All, Folks!

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