Robins to the Rescue

The next day, Dudley is still chasing the moon. He runs into Mr. and Mrs. Robin, Charles and Tiffany, who have been looking for him. They’ve been worried. He’s far away from home and far away from friends. Mrs. Robin asks him to come home and she’ll make a nice strong cup of dragonberry tea. But our stalwart dragon says he can’t, not much time left. And off he goes.

Mr. Robin sighs, “Well he’s a big dragon, Tiffany. He knows what he’s doing.” Mrs. Robin turns to Charles and gives him a look, and Charles realizes he’s talking about Dudley the Dragon. “What am I talking about?”

The robins fly home—off-camera, of course.

There’s nothing more they can do for Mr. Dudley. Or is there?

Photo © Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.