The Last Dudley

For Dudley‘s cast and crew, filming the final episode must have been a sad occasion.  For five years they had worked together on a show that brought joy, and education, to millions of youngsters.  The actors had honed their roles to a “T,” knowing their characters thoroughly, and how they related to each other.  The crew at Lansdowne Studios had developed their routine to peak efficiency.  One can only imagine the friendships and camaraderie that prevailed.

As early as Season One, the mood on the set was described as “delightful.”  A studio cameraman observed, “This production has brought out the kid in all of us.”

Add to that, the times when Canada’s finest thespians would guest star on the show, what a boost to morale that must have been.  Or the pride the filmmakers must have had for a job well done, despite time constraints and a limited budget.  Their work had been honored earlier in the year, in February, at the 11th Annual Gemini Awards, in which The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon won Best Children’s Program or Series.

Now, it was all coming to an end.

This was it.  The final episode.  The last Dudley.

What would happen to the dragon and his friends?  Would it be a clip show highlighting the previous adventures?  Would Dudley O.D. on dragonberries again, fall asleep for another hundred years, and discover a vast change in the environment?  Would Mr. Crabby Tree turn over a whole new leaf?

No.  The final episode would be far more special.

Source:  Kathy Kastner, Toronto Star, October 2, 1993, “He’s No Dud,” Section C, pg. SW4.