A Reunion with Sally

“Once upon a time there was a dragon. He had many friends and many more adventures.”

Thus began the final adventure of Dudley the Dragon.

The words came from Dudley’s young friend Sally, the first human he met when he woke up in the 20th century. The series began with Sally narrating from a book, “Once upon a time there was a dragon …” It was fitting that, five years later, Sally would narrate the end of the series.

Dudley’s in a sad mood, but perks up when he sees his long-time friend again. Sally, likewise, is thrilled to see Dudley.

She’s still wearing red overalls as she has since the first episode, and a couple buttons have been added to the shirt.

“Look at you. You’re all grown up,” Dudley says. It’s been five episodes since we last saw her, but hey, time passes.

The moment is a touching one, and genuine.

Photos © Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.