The Mobile Tree

Since Mr. Crabby Tree was a plant, rooted to the ground, he couldn’t go anywhere.  He couldn’t go to the action.  The action had to come to him. In Season Three, “Mr. Crabby Tree’s Really Great Adventure” changed all that.  By wishing on a shooting star, he was magically released from the ground, and he […]

One Two Three on Crabby Tree

One night by a campfire, Dudley the Dragon wrapped up a game with little Julia, who recently joined the cast.  Nearby is Terry, another newcomer, who’s gazing at the stars through a telescope.  And next to him is Mr. Crabby Tree, who wants to play a game.  But, being anchored by his roots, he can’t […]

Beneath the Bark, an Actor

Graham Greene played Mr. Crabby Tree for some 13 episodes.  At the time he was best known for his work in Dances With Wolves, for which he was nominated Best Supporting Actor in the Oscars in 1990.  In 1992’s Thunderheart, Greene played—oddly enough—a gruff cop on an Indian reservation.  He played a Rambo-type soldier named […]

Kindle Journey

Children’s book writer Lupe Fernandez has self-published an ebook, The Wooden Men. He’s making it available through Amazon’s Kindle Direct service. He discusses his journey into Kindle publishing at The Pen and Ink Blog. An interesting account.

First Sale

I sold my first magazine today!  267 items, most of them Star Wars-related, are now available for purchase.  Some include coverage of Star Trek and other science fiction productions.  Other publications-for-sale feature cars, models, and other hobbies. Click on the “Shop” button, then the “Catagories” button, and select the category closest to your interest.  Thanks […]

Almost There

Hello, everyone! Construction of this website is almost complete.  Fantasy artist Diana Levin is doing the nuts and bolts of the website design, and I’m grateful for her help. John Grusd is a producer, director, and gifted photographer who took my pictures.  You’ll see the corner photo change every time you visit the home page. […]