When a hero faces a real challenge

Princess Nine was a 26-episode series about a team of high school girls forming a baseball team, a male-dominated sport in Japan.  The central character is Ryo Hayakawa, a gifted pitcher who inherited her talent from her famous father.  She hones her talent throughout the series, but from the very beginning, she faces stiff competition and other formidable challenges.

The extract below is from Episode Two, in which Ryo demonstrates her skill.  In the previous episode, she had pitched-out two male bullies, but now, a stranger shows up who happens to be an ace batter.  When you watch the clip, note the challenge Takasugi  gives to Ryo–unlike the wimps that Merida faces in Brave.  Against the wimps, you know they’re going to be outclassed by Merida.  Against Takasugi, Ryo’s victory is not as certain.  Much more exciting and dramatic, isn’t it?