The Wise Old Bird

When Mr. Crabby Tree was human, he told his friend Dudley, “Ohhh, do you think I could fool Grandpa Robin? Wooo, that would be goooood,” he said gleefully.

Grandpa Robin was the eccentric know-it-all of the forest. Spunky and spry, he dispensed his wisdom with good humor and patience, which he especially needed with dimwitted Dudley the Dragon. The elder Robin wore glasses and his beak sported a beard, oddly enough. He’d often say, “I’ve been around the world seven times plus two” and “Oh, cheddarsticks.” He also had access to magical items, which, of course, led to adventures for Dudley and his friends. If Grandpa could be fooled …

So the Dragon introduced his crabby friend to the bird and they engaged in a chat. Grandpa had his suspicions about “Mr. Apple Pie” but said, “You seem like a very nice person. Ta-ta,” and he took off. Crabby was delighted. He had just received the Grandpa Robin seal of approval. “I did it!” he exclaimed, then reflected, “I guess this means I’m not a tree anymore.”

Crabby soon becomes disenchanted with the human lifestyle and he changes his mind. He returns to the Wishing Well. She recognizes him and refuses to grant a second wish.

Luckily, Grandpa Robin flies by. He learns Crabby has changed into a human, but wants to be a tree again. Once again, the Well refuses another wish. “Oh no,” says the Robin, “Mr. Crabby Tree has made his wish. Mr. Crabby Person hasn’t.” On cue, lightning flashes and thunder claps. Crabby is elated. “That is a brilliant idea. The rules are one wish per person, so Mr. Crabby Person gets a wish, too, right?” “That’s how I see it,” Grandpa says.

What Grandpa Robin says, goes. The Wishing Well does not argue with the Wise Old Bird.

Mr. Crabby Person plunks a coin in the well and POOF! He’s Mr. Crabby Tree again.

Was there more to Grandpa Robin than just a dispenser of wisdom? We never found out.

This was his last appearance on the show.