The Star Wars Reference Guide: Progress Report 9/14/2012

Over the past few months I’ve been switching back-and-forth between working on the first Justice Dragon book, and cataloging periodicals for The Star Wars Reference Guide. The annotated Guide is global in coverage, documenting published material up to the year 1990. British coverage is especially important, since British craftsmen and technicians provided such a great contribution to the original trilogy.

This week, I finished compiling entries for all the Star Wars comics published in England prior to 1990. That’s 378 English Star Wars comics! These include

Star Wars Weekly #1-117

The Empire Strikes Back Weekly #118-139

The Empire Strikes Back Monthly #140-158

Star Wars Monthly #159-171

Star Wars Summer Special 1983. Summer 1983

Star Wars Summer Special 1985. Summer 1985

Return of the Jedi #1-155

Return of the Jedi 1983-1984 Winter Special. Winter 1983-1984

Return of the Jedi 1984 Christmas Special. (December) 1984

Return of the Jedi 1984 Summer Special. (June 6) 1984

Spider Man and Zoids #15-22


Star Wars Annual, (Britain)
n. 1. 1979. (November) 1978
n. 2. 1980. (October) 1979
n. 3. 1981. (December) 1981

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Annual,
n. 1. (August) 1980
n. 2. (August) 1981

Return of the Jedi Annual 1983. August 1983

Return of the Jedi Annual 1984. (August) 1984

Star Wars Annual Featuring Ewoks. (July) 1985

Ewoks Annual 1989. (August 1) 1988


Droids TV Special 1988. (April 28), 1988

Droids (Spring) Special. March 1989

Ewoks (Monthly) #1-10

Marvel Bumper Comic #14-25

Spidey Comic #661-666


I wish to thank Robin Kirby for filling in some of the holes I needed for the latter issues of Return of the Jedi.

I’d also like to thank Pete Vilmur, co-author of The Star Wars Poster Book and Vader: The Ultimate Guide, for swapping some very hard-to-find items. Pete has been a wonderful asset to me, and to Lucasfilm.

John Larson of the Saint Paul Public Library has gone above and beyond the call of charity, by digging up articles from the Minneapolis-St. Paul vicinity, for which I am grateful.

Another deserving of recognition is Katalin Baumann of the Glendale Public Library, for retrieving articles and microfilms through their interlibrary loan service. These articles come from all over the U.S., enabling me to have a more comprehensive bibliography, and thus, more information to share with those who buy the book.

Many librarians and researchers throughout the western world have helped me with this project. I’m grateful to them all.

Below is my wantlist for periodicals published in Britain. If you live there and can supply these, this will pretty much wrap up my cataloguing of Star Wars press coverage in England. Thank you!

M Bigscreen, (Britain)
* August 11, 1983. (SW)

M BKSTS Journal, (Britain)
(British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society)
* v. 66, n. 10. October 1984. (SW) (LU)

N Daily Star. (London) CAMBRIDGE
* June 10, 1983. (R) p. 15.

N Daily Telegraph. (London)
* December 26, 1977. (SW) “Disco Funk from the Outer Worlds?” p. .

N The Mail on Sunday. (London) CAMBRIDGE, BRITISH LIBRARY
*Check July 10, 1983. (R)
December 23, 1984. (EW) “All the Fun of the Fur,” p. 33. Check for photo.

M Newsagent & Bookshop. (Britain)
* November 30, 1978. (SW)

* M The Star. (London) December 18, 1977
Susan Forscutt Arkell.
“Merchandisers are Ready for the Kill,”
“British Filmmakers Say It’s Their Star Wars,” p. . Article extols the British
participation in Star Wars, and advantages of working with a British cast and crew. Filming for Star Wars 2 is scheduled for January 1979. Comments from Gary Kurtz and John Barry.

N Sunday Mirror. (London)
* December 18, 1977. (SW)

M Video – The Magazine, (Britain) [Video Today] CAMBRIDGE UNIV
* February 1986. (R)

M Video World, (Britain) CAMBRIDGE UNIV
* v. 2, n. 9. September 1980. Color cover, R2. “R2D2 and the Dream Factory”
* v. 4, n. 7. July 1982. Color cover photo inset, X-wing fighter

M Weekend, (Britain)
* May 25, 1983. (R)

M What’s On in London.
* December 23, 1977. n.g. ON FILM–“‘Star Wars’ Star,” p. . 2 photos.
Interview with Harrison Ford.
* December 20, 1984. “Californian Cuties,” p. 41.

M Woman. (Britain)
* December 24, 1977.