The Departure

As Dudley begins his quest, Sally calls out to him.

He stops, and the two friends share a poignant moment.

“It’s good to see you again,” Sally says.

Actress Asia Vieira says the words with great sincerity, and warmth. She knows that after five years, this is the last time she’ll be interacting with this big, lovable goofball. Her emotion comes across as genuine. It’s a powerful, heartfelt moment.

Credit, here, should also go to Alex Galatis, who wrote the episode. Any lesser writer would have had Dudley galumph off without this exchange between these two longtime friends.

We, the viewers, now have strong reason to root for Dudley. The love between friends gives us reason to care, and stay tuned for what happens next.

Such is the real magic behind Dudley the Dragon.

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