Star Blazers Online!

Want to know the latest news about Star Blazers / Space Battleship Yamato?  Click on, presented by America’s foremost authority on the series, Tim Eldred.  Tim has been involved with Star Blazers / Yamato fandom for decades, being involved with the DVDs released in the U.S., helming, and many other contributions on behalf of Voyager Entertainment, who held the U.S. distribution license.  With Voyager losing interest in the property, Tim started his own website to continue the legacy. launched December 1, 2012.  Now fans can continue to enjoy retrospectives and news on the voyages of Yamato and its missions to save mankind.

We salute Tim and thank him for sharing his passion with all of us.

Visit  Learn the many behind-the-scenes insights into the production of this fantastic series.  Gaze upon the exciting visuals on display.  Then tell your friends!