One Two Three on Crabby Tree

One night by a campfire, Dudley the Dragon wrapped up a game with little Julia, who recently joined the cast.  Nearby is Terry, another newcomer, who’s gazing at the stars through a telescope.  And next to him is Mr. Crabby Tree, who wants to play a game.  But, being anchored by his roots, he can’t play tag or hide-and-seek.

“I’m stuck in the ground,” he complains.  “And you know how that makes me feel?”

“Crabby?” says Terry.

“That’s right,” the tree bellows.  “CRABBY!”

Luckily, a shooting star streaks across the sky.  Julia tells him if he wished upon a shooting star, you might get what you wish for.

Does Mr. Crabby Tree get his wish?  Find out.