Guy Fleegman from Galaxy Quest joins the crew of the Enterprise!

Major Grin has discovered Guy Fleegman, the Security Chief from Galaxy Quest, has joined the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise as Sam Kirk on Strange New Worlds. See for yourself:

Uploaded May 8, 2022.

An extended clip, uploaded May 12, 2022. Guy goes on an away mission!

Comment from No Answer:

Wait… “Get his helmet off” That’s the response to him being blasted by a “dangerous buildup of energy?” Really? If it’s so safe to take off Redshirt McPornstache’s helmet, why are you all wearing yours? Seriously, do those suits not have at least a basic way of gauging the occupant’s condition? It has to know how much oxygen he’s consuming, and it probably knows his pulse. You don’t have to extra-contaminate the poor guy.