In the denouement, our friends relax at a campfire, with Sally wrapping up her story.

“And while it was true that Dudley never actually saw a dragon, he did find out who his true dragon friends really were.”

They look at the moon, and see the faces of Dudley’s true dragon friends that he’s had over the past five seasons, including Mr. Crabby Tree, Matt and Terry.

Chloe, the fairy, is one of several faces we see during the tribute. The final song is a reprise of “Somebody Like You,” this time sung by Jackie Richardson, the Gospel/blues/jazz singer and actress. Richardson sang the series theme and appeared in two episodes, as the Face of Nature and as the Wishing Well.

“Love you,” Dudley says to Sally, for the first time in the series. It’s sincere. Actor Kirk Dunn underscores the sentiment with a Dudley head nod.

“Love you back,” Sally says. The feeling is mutual.

The girls retire to their tent; Dudley thinks it’s not so bad being the only dragon.

The end? Not quite yet.

Dudley photos © Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.


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