Bill Maher Explains Jokes to Idiots

Comedian and producer Bill Maher finds it necessary to pontificate about a societal problem on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO:

On April 10, multi-talented voicemaster Bob Bergen added his observations on Facebook. With his kind permission, I pass this along:

I am reposting this video which I first saw on my buddy Gregg Berger’s page. Since seeing it there, it has been reposted and reposted, and it needs to continue to be shared, and shared and shared!

As I commented on Gregg’s page, this video is pure brilliance. Humor gets us through anything. Many in my family who survived The Holocaust found it was humor, and often self deprecating humor which kept them going. Taking a joke, laughing at ourselves, our differences, our similarities, even our frailties, rather than play the offended victim is what choosing happiness is all about. And happiness is indeed a choice, as victimhood is as well. If 2 people are told the same joke, one finds it hysterical and one is offended, the one missing out is the one who chooses to be offended. But this is also the kind of person who wakes up every day seeking to be offended by…..something. What a sad existence. What a waste of this precious thing called life.

Funny is subjective. All have the ability to ignore anything….well, except perhaps a slap in the face. But no words, and especially from a comic should ever be censored. Between Maher’s commentary here, as well as the overwhelming support for Chris Rock, I think we can finally see this cancel culture pendulum swinging the other way.