Click on the pic to view my work captured on video.

I designed the above layout for this shot on Space Jam. “Boy, I feel sorry for whoever is going to animate this scene,” I said. Guess who did? This is my special effects reel featuring my work on Space Jam, The Swan Princess, “Jerry Seinfeld’s Pal” (Superman), and The Quest for Camelot. I also animated the exploding house in the opening titles of Megas XLR. Space Jam and The Quest for Camelot © Warner Bros. The Swan Princess © Rich Animation.

This is an animatic that compiles my storyboard panels for a sequence in a My Little Pony video. I storyboarded from the script and from listening to the dialog. The song was added to accommodate the visuals. The song is “I Just Want to Have Fun.”

Belonging to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators does have unexpected privileges. “Homework Hotline” teacher and producer Lórien Eck was looking for writers for her show, to tie in their work with an educational perspective. “Visualizing the Narrative” demonstrates how drawing turnaround models of characters can help in the writing process. I also show how storyboards work, and how they help in telling the story. I explained the process using my boards from the Dragon Tales episode, “Moving On.” The show was taped on March 29, 2010 and aired March 30, 4:30 p.m. on PBS Channel 58, KLCS Los Angeles, which is said to have the fifth largest market for a PBS station.