The Animation Swiss Army Knife

My good friend Lance Falk has just launched his website, here.

Lance is known as Animation’s “Swiss Army Knife.” Why? Because he’s talented in nearly every facet of animation production. He’s handled the jobs of being a writer, prop designer, production assistant, model cleanup artist, model designer, series model coordinator, post production associate producer, post-producer supervisor, assistant art director and design coordinator. His credits encompass high-profile properties ranging from Bob the Builder to Dinotopia to Jonny Quest.

In addition to his versatility, Lance is dedicated to his work. That is, he’s driven to produce quality work under the most rigorous production schedules, and he succeeds.

One of Lance’s best qualities as a producer, I think, is that when he notices what might be a flaw, he will not berate the artist. Rather, he will put a positive spin on it. The artist may realize the mistake, but without the shame of being degraded. Lance respects artists. He nurtures their talent. That’s because he, himself, is an artist as well as a writer and producer. He knows the value of morale and positive reinforcement. He encourages team spirit. He cares about animation and those who make it. This makes Mr. Falk a valuable commodity in the industry.

Learn more about Animation’s Swiss Army Knife here.

It is my pleasure to know Lance Falk and to recommend him. If you’re an animation executive or producer and need help on your project, Lance is your man. Contact him here.