Science-Fiction Stumpers:

The Prisoner

by W. R. Miller

Face it, The Prisoner is a real strain on the brain. After 17 episodes of mind-taxing complexity, it’s time to relax by taking this simple multiple-choice quiz, just to see what you’ve learned! However, if all you Patrick McGoohan emulators want to be sneaky, the answer(s) can be found at the end of …. but that would be telling!

1. What was Patrick McGoohan’s previous series?

a. Danger Man.

b. Secret Agent.

c. I Spy.

d. Get Smart.

e. The Beverly Hillbillies.

f. a and b.

2. David Tomblin served as First Assistant Director on many films including The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Return of the Jedi. For The Prisoner, he was

a. First Assistant Director.

b. Co-creator.

c. Producer.

d. A writer.

e. Director.

f. All of the above.

3. Where is The Village?

a. Portmeiron,Wales.

b. The world.

c. A small island off the coast of Morocco.

d. Somewhere over the rainbow.

e. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

f. It’s a secret.

g. a., b., and c.

4. What is The Village?

a. Stalag13.

b. Camp Runamuck.

c. A concentration camp for people who know too little.

d. A Mediterranean resort.

e. Code name for McDonaldland.

f. A retirement home for spies.

5. Why did Number Six resign from the British Secret Service?

a. He knows too much.

b. He talks too much.

c. Because he felt like it.

d. Number One told him to resign.

e. He didn’t like body transferral tactics.

f. c. and e.

6. What is “Rover”?

a. A fancy sheepdog.

b. A beachball pulled by a string.

c. Dick and Jane’s pet doggie.

d. A bio-chemical globular sentinel for The Village.

7. Who is “The General”?

a. Commander and statistician for The Village.

b. A British replacement for Number Two.

c. A reincarnation of Adolph Hitler.

d. A cleverly disguised computer.

8. Why does Number Six desire to leave The Village?

a. He doesn’t like the Village.

b. The same as a.

c. a. and b.

d. All of the above, especially a.

9. Who is the Prisoner?

a. Patrick McGoohan.

b. John Drake.

c. Number Six.

d. Everyone.

e. All of the above.

10. What do the Prisoner’s captors primarily want?

a. Patrick McGoohan’s autograph.

b. A pawn for their chess game.

c. They want to antagonize the Prisoner.

d. Someone to lead them.

e. High ratings.

f. Information. Information! INFORMATION!

11. Whose side are they on?

a. Sunny side up.

b. Upside down.

c. Sideways.

d. The wrong side of the bed.

e. That would be telling.

12. Who is Number One?

a. The Dallas Cowboys.

b. The Butler.

c. The Supervisor.

d.You are, Number Six.

e. Number One.

f. The Old Number Two.

g. Number Six’s clone.

h. God.

i . Everyone.

j. That would be telling.


Stumped? So are we! The Prisoner has no easy answers! But you can find them here.