Science-Fiction Stumpers:


by W. R. Miller

What’s tougher than Superman? This quiz! Match your mental skills with the Man of

1. The slogan of Superman is

a. If you believe this movie you’ll believe anything.

b. You will believe a man can fly.

c. Look ma, no wires!

d. Forget our lousy special effects.

e. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll kiss four bucks good-bye!

2. Marlon Brando plays

a. Superman’s mother.

b. Superman’s father.

c. a. and b. (He’s a very versatile actor, and the producers want to get the most for their $4 million.

d. a green suitcase.

3. Lara is married to

a. Bor-el.

b. Jor-el.

c. Mon-el.

d. Mod-el.

e. Ratt-el.

f. Snork-el.

4. Jor-el sentences three criminals to

a. a paragraph.

b. the Phantom Zone.

c. the Twilight Zone.

d. the Negative Zone.

e. the Forbidden Zone.

f. the End Zone.

5. What happens to Krypton?

a. It falls in a black hole.

b. It gets caught in a supernova.

c. It gets eaten by Godzilla.

d. It’s zapped by the Death Star.

e. It’s conquered by Klingons.

6. The baby is adopted and raised by a Kansas couple called

a. the Marlboros.

b. the Kents.

c. the Winstons.

d. the Smiths.

e. the Nixons.

7. Kal-el grows up to be

a. Spider-Man.

b. Superman.

c. Christopher Reeve.

d. Lois Lane.

e. The Incredible Hulk.

8. Clark Kent works as

a. a photographer for the Daily Bugle.

b. a reporter for the Daily Planet.

c. a janitor for NASA.

d. a cyborg.for the Office of Scientific Investigation.

e. Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

9. Superman flys like

a. the wind. Fruit flies like bananas.

b. Superman.

c. a bird.

d. a plane.

e. Tinkerbell.

f. Lex Luthor when he’s hit hard enough.

10. Superman fights for

a. fame, fortune, and residuals.

b. truth, justice, and the American Way.

c. AT&T, General Motors and Coca-Cola.

d. high box-office receipts, stardom, and sequels.

e. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

11. What is Superman’s weakness?

a. Wild women.

b. Kryptonite.

c. Jimmy Olsen’s freckles and red hair.

d. Corny dialogue and bad scripts.

e. Lois Lane’s dimples.

f. Saturday morning cartoons.

12. Luthor wants to destroy California because

a. it says so in the script.

b. he wants to boost his property values.

c. he feels like it.

d. he is offended by “California clones.”

e. he is sick and tired of bad Hollywood productions.

f. he doesn’t like Medflies.

13. Luthor has a superpower called

a. body odor.

b. scientific genius.

c. bionics.

d. being a Bad Guy.

e. conceit.

f. diplomatic immunity.

14. What happens to Lex Luthor?

a. He is reformed and becomes a Good Guy.

b. All of the below.

c. He gets fed up with Otis.

d. He goes to jail.  (Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.)

e. He returns in the sequel to menace Superman.


How does Superman fly?

a. Because he’s Superman.

b. Special effects.

c. He jumps real hard.

d. He holds his breath and floats away.

e. Kryptonite power.

f. He flaps his wings.

g. He rides an invisible airplane.


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