Science-Fiction Stumpers:

Star Trek—The Motion

by W. R. Miller

For years Star Trek fans had waited for Star Trek—The Motion Picture.  Was it worth the wait? Test your trivia skills by selecting the best answer to each of the following questions:

1. Three Klingon battlecruisers confront an alien space cloud of enormous power. This activity is monitored by

p. Space Station K-7.

q. Star Base 11.

r. other Klingons.

s. Outpost Epsilon-9.

t. the statutes of Alpha-3.

2. This energy-cloud is travelling at Warp factor 7 heading toward

p. Vulcan.

q. Caprica.

r. the Klingon home world.

s. Earth.

t. Gilligan’s Island.

3. The only starship within interception range is

p. the Death Star.

q. the Columbia.

r. the Amar.

s. none of the above.

4. What is “Kolinahr“?

p. A Soviet secret weapon.

q. The attainment of animal passions.

r. A new phase of Kah-if-farr.

s. A Vulcan ritual involving the final shedding of emotion.

5. Lieutenant Ilia is

p. bald.

q. sexy.

r. a navigator.

s. all of the above

t. a Rigellian.

6. Pavel Chekov has been transferred from navigator to

p. Admiral.

q. Helmsman.

r. Transporter Chief.

s. Security Chief.

t. Fire Chief.

7. The Enterprise has an untested warp drive.  What happens when it accelerates to Warp One?

p. It goes through a time warp.

q. It disappears in a star gate.

r. It gets caught in a black hole.

s. It passes through a worm hole.

t. It flies through a doughnut hole.

8. The energy-cloud radiates what kind of energy?

p. super power.

q. matter/anti-matter mix.

r. nuclear power.

s. 12th power.

t. Trekkie power.

9. How close to the alien vessel does the Enterprise get on its first approach?

p. 500 metrons.

q. 500 cyclons.

r. 500 megameters.

s. 500 meters.

t. 500 micrometers. (That’s too close!)

10. Who or what is V’ ger?

p. The villain of Star Trek–The Motion Picture.

q. That which destroys three Klingon ships.

r. That which seeks the Creator.

s. All of the above.

t. Another name for Nomad.

11. Who is V’ger’s creator?

p. Douglas Trumbull.

q. Alan Dean Foster.

r. James Kirk.

s. NASA.

t. V’ger itself.

12. V’ger believes carbon-based units infest Enterprise.  V’ger is referring to

p. carbon dioxide.

q. the horta.

r. tribbles.

s. humans.

t. the Enterprise.


Starfleet cadets and Carbon-based units can confirm their answers here.