Science-Fiction Stumpers:

Close Encounters of the Third

by W. R. Miller


Outer space aliens arrive on Earth! Friend or foe? Roy Neary risks divorcing his wife to find out! He should have taken this quiz first:

1. French director Francois Truffaut plays Claude Lacombe, a French

a. soufflé.

b. socialist.

c. Ufologist.

d. director.

e. poodle.

2. In the Sonora Desert in Mexico, Lacombe and his investigative team discover

a. that deserts are hot and sandy.

b. actual chariots of the gods.

c. missing World War II planes in working condition.

d. ancient Inca pyramids.

e. that they are lost.

3. Roy Neary woks as

a. a rabbit-breeder.

b. an American belly dancer.

c. a power line repairmen.

d. an actor working for Columbia Pictures.

e. a UFO researcher.

4. During a blackout in Muncie, Indiana, Neary spots a UFO. He has a

a. nervous breakdown.

b. flat tire.

c. close encounter of the first kind.

d. Dr. Pepper.

e. vivid imagination.

5. Not only does the flying saucer give Neary sunburn, but a psychic image of

a. Donald Duck.

b. Mount Rushmore.

c. Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

d. the Empire State Building.

e. another flying saucer.

6. What do the aliens do to Jillilan Guiler’s son Barry?

a. they abduct him.

b. They abduct him.

c. All of the above.

d. they tear up his toys.

e. They clone him.

7. The Romulans have pointed ears and

a. want to destroy the U.S.S. Enterprise.

b. are the aliens in Close Encounters.

c. have nothing to do with this movie.

d. are the creation of George Lucas.

e. have buck teeth.

8. In Mongolia, a U.N. delegation of Ufologists discover a boat in the Gobi Desert. They have

a. a close call.

b. a close shave.

c. a close encounter of the second kind.

d. closed minds.

e. oars to go
with the boat.

9. The U.S. Government learns of the alien arrival in Wyoming, and evacuates the area by staging

a. war games with real ammunition.

b. the three Mile Island ploy.

c. a boxcar leaking poisonous gas.

d. a hurricane warning.

e. another eruption by Mt. St. Helens.

10. While they journey to the rendezvous point, Jillian and Roy must avoid

a. Laveryne & Shirley.

b. the aliens.

c. the U.S. Army.

d. the attack of the killer tomatoes.

e. potholes in the road.

11. What happens at the rendezvous point?

a. Nothing happens.  The aliens decide not to come.

b. The government apologizes for its rash actions.

c. There is a close encounter of the third kind.

d. Roy Neary wakes up and decides it’s all a dream.

e. Lacombe is declared insane and taken to an asylum.

12. What do the aliens to with Roy Neary?

a. they laugh at his name.

b. They ask for his autograph.

c. They take him with them.

d. They reveal their special effects secrets.

e. they convince his employers to rehire him.


What are the answers? Click here to find out!