Science-Fiction Stumpers:

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

by W. R. Miller


1. The purpose of Buck Rogers is to

a. spread capitalistic imperialism.

b. kill Draconians.

c. beat The Waltons and Laverne and Shirley in the ratings.

d. make the program less interesting than the commercials.

e. encourage bad sci-fi.

2. Who adapted Buck Rogers for television?

a. Heckle & Jeckle.

b. Chuck Barris and Irwin Allen.

c. Glen Larson and Leslie Stevens.

d. George Lucas and Gary Kurtz.

e. Ronald McDonald and Burger King.

3. Who loves Buck Rogers?

a. Princess Ardala.

b. Wilma Deering.

c. a., b., and maybe c.

d. I do.

e. Dr. Theopolis.

4. Who hates Buck Rogers?

a. Killer Kane

b. Draconians.

c. a., b. and especially e.

d. I do.

e. ABC and CBS.

5. Theopolis is a

a. jerk.

b. frisbee.

c. doctor.

d. politician.

e. Greek theologian.

6. Theopolis is carried by

a. Dopey.

b. Twerpy.

c. Twiki.

d. A midget.

e. Bozo the Clown.

7.  Choose the best answer of the following:

a., b and c.

b. None of the above.

c, All of the above.

(Isn’t this multiple-choice quiz ridiculous?)

8. What do you think of cabbage rolls and coffee?

a. Huh?

b. What?

c. Go to the next question.

d. Mmmmmm-good!

(Don’t these questions reflect the quality of Buck Rogers?)

9. What are the Draconians?

a. Funny-looking Far Eastern lizards.

b. Chinese clones.

c. Not the Good Guys.

d. Refugees from a Japanese reptile farm.

e. Ming the Merciless’ cronies.

f. A bad reputation for Asians.

10. What do the Dragonians want?

a. Earth.

b. To get Buck Rogers.

c. All of the above.

d. Sex appeal.

e. High ratings.

11. What do the Draconians get?

a. Laughed at.

b. Drunk.

c. Killed.

d. Large makeup bills.

e. Low ratings.

12. Which of the following insults your intelligence
the most?

a. This quiz.

b. Buck Rogers.

c. Your opinion (which may include either
a., b., or d.): ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________.

d. Twiki.

e. All of the above.


Stumped for answers? It’s hardly likely, but you can see for yourself here.