Science Fiction Stumpers

by W. R. Miller

Have you ever been worried when taking a multiple-choice test because

(a. you didn’t study hard enough.

(b. you forgot what you studied.

(c. the questions were rigged and designed to stump you.

(d. you partied the night before the test.

(e. all of the above.

Well, worry no more! These quizzes are designed to be fun. We make it easy for you to answer correctly! And we test your knowledge of popular (or unpopular) science fiction films and TV shows, not on boring historical or scientific folderol.

Test your prowess in imaginative fiction with these quizzes and remember: when was the last time you actually enjoyed taking a test?

Star Wars


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Star Trek—The Motion Picture

The Prisoner

Close Encounters of the Third Kind



Science Fiction Stumpers © W. R. Miller.