Cover story for Starlog #369, October 2008, on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, featuring an interview with producer Catherine Winder and director Dave Filoni.


Since 1985 I’ve written articles primarily about the animation industry for Starlog, Comics Scene, Comics Buyer’s Guide, Movie and Film Collector’s World, Comics Collector, Animation Magazine, APATOONS, Animato! and Animation World Magazine. Below are links to my works published online.


DVD REVIEW: “Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest”. Posted at Animation Scoop on June 28, 2015 at 9:00AM.

Anime Review: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. August 4, 2014. Review of the eighteenth Dragon Ball Z feature film.

Year in Review 2006.

All the Moos That’s Fit to Print.  The Barnyard press junket experience.

Barnyard: Anatomy of a Junket.
Bob Miller photographs the Barnyard press junket and movie premiere.

The “O” in Omation. A chat with Steve Oedekerk about his multifaceted work in animation. [August 11, 2006]

Udderly Ridiculous: The Making of Barnyard.  A visit with the filmmakers of Barnyard to find out what animals do when they’re not being watched. [August 04, 2006]

Survival of the Funniest: The Lion, the Zebra, and the Wack Factor.  Bob Miller drives the road to Madagascar to discover how writer/directors Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell, with animator Jason Schleifer, survived this CG jungle. [May 27, 2005]

Where Dragons Really Come From.  Framestore CFC brings dragons to life in Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. [March 17, 2005]

Avoiding Speed Racer Dialog: Adapting Spirited Away .  Dubbing Spirited Away wasn’t a straight translation job…the translation had to be carefully crafted into a screenplay that stayed true to Miyazaki’s vision, made the film crystal clear and matched the characters’ mouth movements. [September 26, 2002]

The Power Behind Atomic Cartoons.  Bob Miller talks with Rob Davies, one of the founders of Vancouver’s Atomic Cartoons, which from pre-production to Flash, is making a name for itself. The secret? Click on the link and read on… [September 01, 2000]

Frank Welker: Master of Many Voices .  Bob Miller interviews Frank Welker, a voiceover legend. From cartoons to live-action, it is guaranteed you have heard his voice and probably not even realized. Was that a real parrot, dog, pig or Frank? Includes filmography. [April 01, 2000]

Creativity After Hours: The Visual Evolutions of Michel Gagné.  Michel Gagné, a designer and special effects animator on many major animated features, doesn’t limit his creativity there. Bob Miller reveals Michel’s after hours projects which range from painting to writing children’s books. [April 01, 2000]

The Triumphant Independent.  John R. Dilworth, creator of Courage, the Cowardly Dog, discusses taking the award winning short to series. [November 01, 1999]

Lean, Mean Fighting Machine: How Brad Bird Made The Iron Giant.  [August 01, 1999]


Compiler. Scientists of the Christian Faith: A Presentation of the Pioneers, Practitioners and Supporters of Modern Science. Over 1600 biographical citations.

Compiler. Scientists of the Christian Faith: From the Era of Galileo. A list of 522 Galileo-era scientists known to be Christians, with links to detailed biographies at the Galileo Project.

Compiler. Archaeologists of the Christian Faith.

Compiler. George Washington: His Christian Faith in His Own Words. 162 pp. Word document. Primary source documentation of his attendance at church and service as a Christian. Washington’s writings include his recommendations for chaplains to serve in the army, his promotion of Christianity through Thanksgiving proclamations and General Orders to his troops and in other public addresses. This essay includes testimony from his daughter, Eleanor (Nelly) Parke Custis Lewis (1779-1852) regarding Washington’s religious beliefs.

Compiler. George Washington: Advocate of Prayer and Worship, in His Own Words. 58 pp. Word document. Companion piece to the above compilation, these records come from Washington’s diaries, general orders as Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, and proclamations as President of the United States. This documents his personal prayer life, and his recommendations of prayer to God for his troops, and for the American nation.

The Truthfulness of the Eyewitness Accounts as Presented in the Bible.

Be Humble Before God. A prerequisite to forgiveness.

“And God Said …”. Did the prophets and apostles report what God had told them, or was it from their own imagination?

No Other God. The Biblical case for monotheism.

Adapted by W.R. Miller. Simon Greenleaf’s Harmony of the Resurrection Accounts.

Legal Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. ©W.R. Miller.