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Oregon “Only Slightly Exaggerated”

Would you believe Oregon to be a magical place? The Oregon Tourism Commission seems to think so. They contacted China’s publicity firm of Wieden + Kennedy, who in turn hired Psyop and their subsidiary, Sun Creature Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bordeaux, France, to produce a commercial in the style of Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. Directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick of Psyop. It’s called “Only Slightly Exaggerated.”

Released Spring 2018 but uploaded March 20, 2019.

The commercial was noted by TKSST and at Travel Oregon‘s website.

A followup ad was released a year later, “Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated”:

Travel Oregon talked about the sequel here.

Medium.com analyzed the campaign here.

In 2021, out came a third commercial, “Still Only Slightly Exaggerated”:

Uploaded October 18, 2021.

Abstract: Produced by Wieden+Kennedy with animation by Psyop and Sun Creature Studio and the musical score composed by Jim Dooley, featuring the Oregon Symphony. Produced in consultation with the Pendleton Round-Up and Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Featuring the following Oregonians: Xuemei Simard (noodle-maker, owner, Stretch the Noodle); George Fletcher (Pendleton Round-up Hall of Fame in 1969); Cheryl Strayed, Ashton Eaton; Rainbow Dickerson (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); CJ McCollum and Elise Esposito; Bill Walton and Lori Matsuoka; and Ranger Melissa Meitle.

Travel Oregon noted the short here.

Visitors, let me know when you see a frog reading a newspaper.


On May 27, 2022, after several delays, Paramount is finally releasing Top Gun: Maverick. Here’s the trailer for the expected release in 2020:

And the 2022 extended trailer with behind-the-scenes coverage:

Looks promising, doesn’t it?

The Fresh Thug of Bel Air

A Facebook post by voice actor/comedian/impressionist Keith Scott, from March 28, 2022, reposted with his permission:

It’s been two years since I had a rant … obviously I just don’t fit in to this modern age. The old boomer in me yearns for those classy days of Johnny Carson or Bob Hope wittily roasting bigwigs in the Oscar crowds of yore … of course in those halcyon days the audience was populated by scores of truly sophisticated talents like Cary Grant, Olivier, Jean Simmons, Burt Lancaster, Shirley Jones, Henry Fonda and a hundred more.

But Will Smith and Chris Rock? The old skeptic in me smells the whiff of an awkwardly staged and tastelessly conceived stunt – well, that would be no surprise in this age of tawdry copycat excess, where over-the-top outrageousness and ghastly behavior bestows instant fame to the vapid via the E channel, and where swaggeringly smug attitude trumps actual talent.

But whether stunt or for real, it just seems a pity that in the all pervasive instant-media age with which we are stuck, so-called role models like movie stars can seemingly now resort to good old, simple violence in front of the biggest audience in the world … while at the same time morally tut-tutting about a posturing little super-thug like Putin. Yep, just what the non-thinkers out there need to see and emulate….” Gee … fabulously entitled star can use slaps or punches and shriek foul language at fully childish decibel level instead of quietly agreeing to disagree like adults used to, so why can’t I?”

Gee, all these recent years of so-called woke, new age “appropriate” behavior so that kinder, gentler values and total inoffensiveness will result in a world of idealized harmony … what a crock o’ steaming crap.

And if the Smith-Rock fracas was indeed for real it makes you wonder what a powder keg someone like Mr. Smith might actually be when far away from the glitz … scratch a modern celebrity’s image of fame and bonhomie and I start hearing the old song, “And nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors …” Hmm, now there’s an unsettling thought.

Sure ain’t the glorious world of movies I grew up loving anymore.

End of rant … gee, what a boring old fuddy duddy I am!

What is wrong with Picard?

Science fiction author, TV series writer and producer Marc Scott Zicree, aka Mr. SciFi, has the answers:

YouTube comments:

22 hours ago
My problem with the season so far is that Star Trek has run out of ideas so now it’s ripping itself off. Too often they fall back on the Mirror universe and the Terran Empire when they get lazy and now they’ve essentially copied that with an alternate timeline and the Confederation of Earth. Putting things in a blender is an apt analogy. Also, Dr. Jurati is acting a lot like Tilly this season.

21 hours ago
I completely agree with you — in Star Trek Discovery, they are trying to please too many people by talking about empathy, kindness, meditation, racial and gender equality without going in-depth. It feels spray-on, as you’ve said — and it feels inauthentic.

16 hours ago
Aside from the dystopia they made Star Trek and the deconstruction of our favorite characters, they’ve thrown out the basic command structure, respect, and decorum that defines Star Fleet. If you want to speak candidly, you do so off duty or in the captain’s ready room unless given the green light by your commanding officer. It’s a workplace as well as a family. Disco likes to have girl power high-fives, constant affirmations and questions about each others’ feelings – like it’s a childish sorority. It’s a Lifetime Channel show draped in Star Trek clothing. There’s no pursuit of science and wonder with deep intellectual discourse. Picard is a Stewart vanity project intended to do something different – so different it’s not Star Trek and we get to bash everything we loved about Picard by making him a flawed character full of shame over his hubris. We’re supposed to recognize that the Picard of TNG was a terrible man, and he’s only gotten worse – along with the Federation which suddenly has devolved by centuries in only decades – using money, people with substance abuses and living in relative poverty… and ugly space ships. lol. (TOS made it a point that cursing was archaic, TNG made it clear that smoking was barbaric – unthinkable behavior from the distant past) Picard Season 2 took a hard course correction for the first couple seasons, but they nerfed The Borg, still found a way to berate Picard and question his command, and we’re all retreading old stories , but with the brand new flair of characters we don’t care a lot about, few technical explanations for things, and a lot of feelings. It’s better – mostly because it hand-waves away most of Season 1 as if it never existed or wasn’t terribly important. The first couple episodes had gorgeous ships, command structure, uniforms, and the respect Picard deserves – being asked to go on a mission, reinstatement as Admiral – and just after giving a speech at the Academy. There are jokes about half the budget being the CGI to remove Stewart’s walker. He has moments where he’s better than others, but he is so tired with his voice straining. I wish the director had done better to capture him at his best. Seriously… just take a day after you get all the other shots in and re-take a few of Stewart’s lines when he’s feeling up to it and get a better take to use where he sounds stronger and more confident than this.

Bill hell
19 hours ago (edited)
I just want new Star Trek to act as escapism once in a while, The constant beating me over head with the current issues is exhausting which is why I rewatch old trek all the time I miss tng Picard.

Godzilla vs. Minmay!

As of this post, “Do You Remember Love?” has 35 fewer visitors than “The Science of Godzilla.”

Looks like Lynn Minmay’s beautiful singing is no match for the giant lizard’s atomic breath. Or is it?

Update: March 24. The gulf between Minmay and Godzilla has widened. 58 more people have visited “The Science of Godzilla” than “Do You Remember Love?”

Is Lynn Minmay more popular than Godzilla?

Earlier this week, I posted on a size comparison for “Every Godzilla Ever” and an image presentation, “The Science of Godzilla.” Yet my previous post, “Do You Remember Love?” has surpassed “Every Godzilla Ever,” and is closing in on “The Science of Godzilla” with 61 hits to go, as of this writing, though both posts are still getting visitors. At the rate “Do You Remember Love?” is climbing, it could eclipse Godzilla/Gojira by the end of the day.

Could it be Lynn Minmay is more popular than Godzilla?

Do You Remember Love?

Scenes from the 4K Ultra HD edition of Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Ai Oboete Imasu ka (“Do You Remember Love?”) has become the signature tune of singer Mari Iijima. Play and enjoy.

Comments from the YouTube listing:

Jason Rekless
2 days ago
Now am 41 year old …am still love this song …always touching my heart …still will get sad and cry ..reason dont know why

10 days ago
It’s 2022 now, and I am growing older every day, but the emotional power of this song and animation grows stronger. It touches my heart more than ever before. I hope everyone can hear the message of this song, even in 2022.

Rebecca Froehlich
3 months ago
The hand-drawn animation during this era of Japanese anime has such a special charm to it. Each little detail shows so much effort and heart.

Cyrano de Galicia
4 months ago
Wonderful. Just wonderful. I am so happy to know Macross is still appreciated to this day, not only in Japan but worldwide. We will always remember love! Hopefully Macross will be commemorated next year in Japan, like Patlabor was for it’s 30th anniversary.

Lightning H
7 days ago
How could they create the artwork, animation and music like this, especially in the time like back then? Everything shown here put all the new ones with a lot of help from technology into shame. These people are genuis. Can’t imagine how hard and how much work they had to put into all of this. It reflects their heart and soul through every area of their work. A masterpiece that will just stand through time, unlike most we see nowadays.

1 month ago
I cried watching this again. I missed my childhood.
What a memory, we are blessed with good animation in the 80’s.
But to think this is made before AKIRA is mind blowing.

11 days ago
To think this is all hand drawn through sheer rigor…. what a marvelous masterpiece of human passion and devotion

The Spring 2022 convention tour of Craig Miller

Craig Miller, Director of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm from 1977 to 1980, has announced his Spring 2022 convention tour, in which he’s selling copies of his insightful STAR WARS MEMORIES. Why buy it through Amazon when you can get signed copies directly from him?

Here is his posting:

Spring is soon upon us. Covid is – at least for the moment – reducing its stranglehold. And conventions are starting to once again rear their ugly heads, er, um, I mean, they’re happening “in person”.

And as my going out to promote my book “Star Wars Memories” was curtailed almost before it began, I’m about to make forays back into the convention world.

I’ll once again be speaking at conventions and, something I’ve rarely done in the past, I’ll have a table to sell and sign books.

And I’ll be starting this Sunday with the Vintage Paperback Show in Glendale (https://www.la-vintage-paperback-show.com/ for details). No speakers but lots and lots of people signing books and many dealers with tables of books for sale. This show has been happening for an astonishing 42 years and is always worth attending. And it’s only $5 to get in.

Just a couple weeks later, I’ll be at Wondercon with a table and I’ll be doing a slide show about the early days of Star Wars and Fandom.

Then Star Wars Celebration. I don’t have a table there but I’m hoping to work something out.

I’ll post details about my participation at Wondercon and Star Wars Celebration as they get closer.

The Cosmo Tigers launch!

From Yamato 2199: Ark of the Stars, an exciting launch! (If you don’t see this in Firefox, try other browsers.)