W. R. Miller

W. R. Miller

I've worked primarily in the entertainment industry as an animator, writer and storyboard artist, with two Emmy certificates on The Simpsons. My articles have been published in Starlog, Comics Scene, Comics Buyer’s Guide, Animation Magazine, Animato! and the online Animation World Magazine. I also contributed chapters to Jerry Beck’s The Animated Movie Guide and The Hanna-Barbera Treasury. Works-in-progress: The Justice Dragon; The Star Wars Reference Guide; The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook. Further details are presented at my webpage, http://wrmilleronline.com/about/

Kindle Journey

Children’s book writer Lupe Fernandez has self-published an ebook, The Wooden Men. He’s making it available through Amazon’s Kindle Direct service. He discusses his journey into Kindle publishing at The Pen and Ink Blog. An interesting account.

First Sale

I sold my first magazine today!  267 items, most of them Star Wars-related, are now available for purchase.  Some include coverage of Star Trek and other science fiction productions.  Other publications-for-sale feature cars, models, and other hobbies. Click on the “Shop” button, then the “Catagories” button, and select the category closest to your interest.  Thanks […]

Almost There

Hello, everyone! Construction of this website is almost complete.  Fantasy artist Diana Levin is doing the nuts and bolts of the website design, and I’m grateful for her help. John Grusd is a producer, director, and gifted photographer who took my pictures.  You’ll see the corner photo change every time you visit the home page. […]